Swedish soldiers discover bones of a giant

‘In 1645, the twenty-seventh year of the Thirty Years War, Swedish armies inflicted a devastating blow to the Imperial forces in Bohemia and swept into Austria with the aim of capturing of Vienna. The Imperial capitol, was not prepared to give up easily. The Swedes soon found themselves digging in for a long seige, negotiating with allies for support, and building fortifications around the occupied countryside. Upriver from Vienna, in the Krems district, while digging trenches, a group of Swedish soldiers discovered the bones of a giant….

Discover the teeth of giants. And say Happy Blogoversary to John.

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4 thoughts on “Swedish soldiers discover bones of a giant

  1. I have visited the Czeck Sedlec Ossuary church. There are no excessively large bones there beyond what you would expect from a Gaussian distribution of size.

  2. Yes, as it says in the post, the bones of the giant did not end up exactly where one might expect them to have ended up!

  3. Bones of giants have been all over the American southwest. It’s no big secret that giants once existed. I mean, fallen angels breeding with human women to create a new race was only one reason why God sent a global flood. Human DNA is different today that it was before the time of demon/human gentic alterations. Read your Bible.

    Also see http://genesis6giants.com/ as well. This is no big discovery or secret.

  4. Is this kind of an electronic petri dish, where you plate out a dilute solution of ideas, and then wait to see if any kooks pop up?

    My concern is that a lot of this work is going to waste unless the kooks are being properly preserved, cataloged and classified.

    Surely there must be a couple of papers a year here; where are the publications already?

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