The Earth’s Climate Does Not Care…

… what political party you are a member of…

Climate scientist Anthony Leiserowitz drops some serious knowledge on “Moyers & Company”. In two bullet points, he describes exactly what Obama needs to say about global warming and what we can do to stop climate change. Let’s hope Obama watches Bill Moyers videos.

From here.

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4 thoughts on “The Earth’s Climate Does Not Care…

  1. Just as the earth doesn’t care whether we exist or not. It will continue on its merry way around the sun, with or without our species. It annoys me when people say ‘save the planet’, the planet will be here, HUMANS won’t. It should be ‘save our ecosystem. The one we, here on earth need to survive.

  2. “The one we, here on earth need to survive.”

    Says the most adaptable creature on the planet, who is largely successful by exploiting any and all niches and resources without regard for the systems, habitats and lifeforms who live there.

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