2 thoughts on “Can Greenland Be Saved?

  1. I’m writing about that, and have written about related things before. This is a very poorly misunderstood study, and much of the situation is misunderstood.

    One thing I’ll say now: The amount of ice that had to be drilled through to reach eemian ice was vast. Temperatures were globally similar or cooler than, we have more CO2 in the atmosphere now, and we are warming with much of the actual CO2 and warming masked in its effects because it is busy filling up the ocean. The conclusion I draw is this: Why hasn’t the Greenland ice sheet already melted off, mostly?

    The answer has to be because of the strange way in which heat distributes itself in the northern hemisphere. Perhaps there are multiple stable arrangements that are possible. We should be concerned that in recent years an alternative arrangement of air currents is starting to manifest and with that comes melting of arctic and near arctic ice in general.

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