Guns and Death

I just want to point you to these two items:

It’s 10:00. Do you know where your handgun is?

Did you know that several, as far as I know uncounted, teenagers living in the Twin Cities have died tragically over the last year, with the cause of death being a gunshot wound, self inflicted. Typically, it is a handgun. The details for most of these tragedies are not available, but I would imagine that few, if any, of these teenagers killed themselves with their own handgun. Most likely, they used a gun owned by someone else in the household, and I’m guessing that it is usually dad’s gun, insufficiently secured…

Failed arguments from the NRA crowd

…An astute blogger noticed that the NRA may have gotten their talking points from Archie Bunker.

And God wants everyone to have an assault weapon if this RWNJ is to be believed. Yeah, I think that’s right out of Browning’s 13:16….

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One thought on “Guns and Death

  1. Horrifying and tragic accounts.

    Perhaps rather ironic that this coincides with news from the UK that fake handguns can also be rather dangerous to those trying to misuse them:
    Also a sad story, but one that undermines the NRA claim that it needs a “good guy with a gun” to stop a bad guy with a gun.

    When my son was doing history at school we agreed to his requests to get a WW1 infantry rifle (SMLE) provided it was kept in a secure locked cupboard, and deactivated as required by UK law. It came with a certificate confirming that it had been deactivated, modified to prevent it from ever being fired or restored to firing condition.
    The biggest concern was that if it had been seen outdoors a police armed response squad might have been called, so care was needed to avoid such misunderstanding. A completely different culture, and I’m much happier to have these restrictions here.

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