5 thoughts on “The Bermuda Triangle

  1. I stopped watching Numbers when they had that whole story line about the psychic and it looked like they were writing her as legitimately psychic. I hulk smashed and then moved on to other things.

  2. There was a male psychic, former CIA, who produced convincing results (in the view of the FBI agents) that Charlie refused to believe and assumed were fake (he had good reasoning behind that but it was still unclear). I don’t remember a female psychic. In any event the male psychic story line has an interesting end that you would have enjoyed and that goes nicely with hulk-smashing the TV!!!!

  3. It’s been so long since I watched it. You are most likely right that it was a guy not a woman. I think I could handle Don finding religion more than I could handle the “science can’t explain everything therefore PSYCHICS!” plot line. Maybe I’ll give the show another chance. I was enjoying it up to that point and I can watch it on instant play.

  4. The psychic is never proven to really be psychic, though he keeps pulling lots of trick out of his hat. But, then his role i the show ends, and following that one of the agents (Colby, I think) delivers the line you would want to hear.

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