5 thoughts on “Watch the NRA losing ground:

  1. So there!
    Let’s hope there’s more to this video that this. What is he disagreeing with? Myself, I strongly disagree with the NRA’s 12/21 statement on a few levels. I much rather agree with GOA’s position. http://tinyurl.com/btadr72 Armed citizens roaming the halls anonymously is the answer, not making schools more prison-esque.

  2. With every high-profile shooting, guns sales skyrocket. Cui bono? The NRA, of course. One dimwit cutting his membership card is hardly ‘losing ground.’

  3. Whatever will the NRA do without every member of the Brimley clan?

    If this proves the NRA is losing ground, then my Mom joining in 2012 “shows” NRA membership is skewing more towards women who want to defend themselves from potential attackers.

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