American Atheists to IRS: Stop giving churches preferential treatment

American Atheists and two co-plaintiffs today filed in U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of Kentucky a lawsuit demanding that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) stop giving preferential treatment to churches and religious organizations via the process of receiving non-profit tax-exempt status under the Internal Revue Code (IRC) procedures and definitions.

“American Atheists receives tax-exempt status under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3),” said American Atheists President David Silverman, “but because the organization is not classified as religious it costs American Atheists, along with all other secular non-profits, significantly more money each year to keep that status. In this lawsuit, American Atheists and the other plaintiffs are demanding that all tax-exempt organizations, including those characterized as religious by the IRS, have the same requirements to achieve tax-exempt status.”

For example, in order to qualify for nonprofit tax-exempt status, any religious or secular organization must demonstrate it exists to benefit the public. After that basic element is established, religious non- profits are almost always declared automatically tax-exempt under the current IRC rules and definitions. However, secular non-profits face a lengthy application and a fee, which can be as high as $850.

Read the rest here.

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5 thoughts on “American Atheists to IRS: Stop giving churches preferential treatment

  1. Been ranting about this forever…render unto Caesar, etc. Straight from Jesus’ mouth. Tax those hypocrites to a fare-thee-well, then they can politicize from the pulpit to their hearts’ content and solve our deficit problem as well.

  2. Absolutely, religions need to at least go through what other non-profits do. It might also stop a few of these fat cat preachers filching all the money for personal gain,

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