8 thoughts on “This is why DARPA scares the crap out of me

  1. You do have to question why they decided to make it so much like a real dog that it likes to play in the first mud hole it finds. I suspect they are using a brain from a real dog. That’s the only rational explanation.

  2. Let’s see it climb a flight of stairs. Or keep going for 24 hours on a bowl of water and a bowl of kibble. Or get over a 24″ fence. Or do something useful autonomously. I am always saddened by how pathetic 21st century robots are.

    Asimo attempts a flight of stairs:


  3. Got it: Stick to the woods, cross streams, stay away from open flat areas to maximize chance of survival in event of being hunted by leggy robot. (someone should do a Zombieland type Rules for this video).

  4. Nature has provided us with a good template for locomotion. It makes good sense to start with that. You have to hand it to Boston Dynamics. They nailed quadruped walking. It’s kind of freaky to watch. It looks like it must be alive but you know it isn’t.

    Robots patterned after animals or industrial robots don’t bother me much. It’s when they try to be human. I am instantly revolted by that. I know their will never be a robot that will convey human facial emotion realistically enough in my lifetime or the next 30 years to fool me. There are just too many facial muscles and too much refinement.

    Then there are the phone bots. Especially that one that you get when you what to leave a message on your friends mobile phone. She just goes on and on and on. Man does that piss me off. They do that to rack up time on your account you know.

  5. They need to work on articulating the peds (paws?) which would improve its gait a lot. And it needs bigger ones. But the roll cage is a cute feature.

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