I hope you LIKE Atheists Talk!

You know about Atheists Talk because I mention it now and then. I’ve done several interviews on the radio show. of sciency people like Neil deGrasse Tyson and Ira Flatow, and most recently George Church. I’ve also been interviewed on it. And I’ve done the TV now and then as well.

Here’s the thing. It costs the Minnesota Atheists quite a bit of money to keep the radio show on the air. So, we had a meeting the other day and decided to try to continue to do this next year (pending board approval) but also to ramp up our presence a little more in order to potentially increase the trickle of funding we get for the show. Also, we just want to have a broader reach. We produce an excellent show with interesting interviews and more people need to know about it!

This has involved setting up a Facebook Page and a Twitter Account. We’ll use these to provide information on current and upcoming shows. Also, I suppose we can use the Facebook Page to host real time discussions during the radio show. That could be fun.

So, here, I’m not asking your for money, but I am asking you for support. Please to go the Facebook Page and “Like” it, unless that would get you in trouble when your Grandma checks your Facebook page. Also, feel free to follow us on Twitter.

The Facebook page is HERE.

The Twitter page is HERE

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