Should Minnesota legislate human rights or let the courts do it?

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An anti-same sex marriage amendment was on the ballot this year in Minnesota. It was defeated, but there is still an anit same sex marriage law on the books which obviously has to be removed somehow. The new legislative leaders in Saint Paul, following a total change in ruling party, has said they won’t be addressing same sex marriage in the immediate future, and I’ve heard estimates of one or even two years before it is taken up.

There were a handful of overlapping reasons why there was an anti same sex marriage amendment, as well as a voter suppression amendment (an amendment that would have repressed liberal and progressive voters) on Minnesota’s ballot this year, in my estimation. They include:

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1 thought on “Should Minnesota legislate human rights or let the courts do it?

  1. not taking it up is a smart move on their part.remember how Clinton wasted a good part of his political capital by moving on the gays in the military issue so fast.

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