Remove Paul Broun from the House Science Committee

Paul Broun is THIS GUY. As of this writing there are some 80,000 signatures on a petition to have him removed from the US House of Representatives Science Committee, where clearly does not belong. Click here to read and sign it!

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5 thoughts on “Remove Paul Broun from the House Science Committee

  1. He just won the last election because the Democrats decided not to run anyone against him. That means they share the blame for his still being in Congress.

  2. If you’re going to sign petitions for getting antiscience folks off the science committee you are going to have quite a few empty seats.

    I suppose you’ve seen who is putting their name in for chair of that committee? I don’t think any of them should be on it. Dana Rohrabacher, for example, made a twit of himself when asking questions of Dr. Richard Alley. He didn’t even listen to the answers, but kept talking over him with the next talking point on his list. If he’d actually listened, he’d have realized some of his questions were answered already and he didn’t need to ask them. Not that he was really asking…he was more or less stating them as facts.

  3. It seems unlikely that the GOP run house will replace Broun. You have to remember why he was put onto that committee. GOP dogma is that government is inherently wasteful and inefficient. That, quite literally, it can do no good. to illustrate their point the GOP has done all it can to make government wasteful and ineffective. Placing a religious zealot and scientific illiterate onto a science committee helps to jam up the gears and prove their point.

    Placing people who are mentally and ideologically opposed to the core mission of a committee, and good government, is all part of the plan. If you want the GOP to replace Broun you need to suggest someone less knowledgeable about science and more religiously driven. They would go for that.

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