4 thoughts on “He mostly did what he said he was going to do

  1. The trouble is unless he gets a massive majority in the house, a bunch of democrats on the right wont support him. Then in the senate you have the filibuster issue. And by the way that could be fixed immediately. Just a make a filibuster invalid unless at least 30 percent of the senate was present throughout the entire filibuster day and night. See how long they last.

  2. One thing he might be willing to do more when he wins this time is go straight for the bully pulpit.

    If he gets in everyone’s ear while the memory of Sandy is still fresh, he can get a few messages in while people are prepared to listen. (Not necessarily on climate, but on anything important.) Jobs for infrastructure, whether rebuilding or preventive, are all pretty good jobs. He can ‘build’ on that too.

    If constituents get in their senator’s and representative’s faces about wanting something, they might be less forceful – or at least more selective – in opposing Obama proposals. (Of course the first thing that everyone should do is to get their congress critters to fess up about signing on with the Norquist nonsense.)

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