Krazy Klimate Denialists

Climate change denialism is on its last legs and will soon be no more relevant than Kennedy assassination conspiracy theorists or Obama birthers. But on the way out they are making me laugh. In the last 48 hours I’ve heard one denialist’s claim that Superstorm Sandy was not relevant to climate change and storminess because it was not a hurricane (it was, and it is relevant). Most recently I’ve seen an email that is getting passed around that claims that the Arctic ice that melted last summer was melted on purpose using Tesla Technology operated by a conspiracy between the Russian and American governments.

Watt next?

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10 thoughts on “Krazy Klimate Denialists

  1. Actually you have it all wrong. Man made-up climate change deniers are going to be around even longer and fight even harder than evolution deniers. Sandy was a bad hurricane, but there have been bad ones before and there will be bad ones again. Earth’s climate happens in natural cycles. Stupid liberals who always talk about “teh rich” certainly don;t mind making millions off this man made-up climate change crap.

    Then again maybe we should believe Al Gore. After all he did invent the internet. Chances are he invented man made-up climate change too. He has certainly profited from it. Dirty rich people.

  2. Blake: Before Gore had graduated, I’d already seen enough to convince me that climate change was very likely to happen. Why do American AGW denialists have this thing about Gore (who also never claimed to have invented the internet)?

  3. Blake, what is like on your planet? Because here on earth most of us value reality and evidence. And the evidence for AGW is overwhelming. You have to be blind or care nothing about the truth, only ideology, to not see what is happening. Your thinking is a plague on society and future generations.

  4. Greg, anyone who would read the Huff and Puff post has nothing better to do with their time unless they are looking for a good joke.

    Getting real news from Huff and Puff Post is like is like saying jack the ripper was an honest man. As a matter of fact, Huuf and Puff Post would probably defend Jack the Ripper from us evil ole republicans.

    Huffington Post is just another ripp off of the national Inquirer as far as I am concerned, except the National Inquirer has more truthful stories in it.

    And Kennedy was killed by the CIA to keep quiet waht he knew about what was going on inside NASA.

  5. You can thank Michael Crichton for that email. Years in advance, he envisioned the day when major disasters and discontinuities would start occurring as a result of climate change and feared that people might change their opinions as a result of those events. He wrote a very popular novel whose obvious primary purpose was to plant in the minds of conservatives, well in advance, the meme that planetary-scale changes can be accomplished by a few evil educated liberals using imaginary technology.

  6. Michael Crighton used to be a colleague and associate; he had connections to my academic department, was on our visiting committee, funded some of my work and wrote a novel based on a long term research project I was involved in.

    But that did not stop me from losing a lot of respect for him when he wrote that stupid book. I also stopped reading his work. Not that there was a lot after that.

  7. There’s a law against yelling “fire” in a movie theater when, in fact, there isn’t a fire. Well, there should also be a law against yelling, “no, there is no fire”, when in fact, there is a fire in the theater.

    The Climatologists predicting climate changes are, in a sense, yelling “fire!” to the rest of the inhabitants of the Earth. The climate change deniers are yelling “No, nothing to worry about, no fire.”. There should be a law against that. Just like it should be if you were trying to hide the fact that a crowded movie theater was on fire. Same crime, just many orders of magnitude larger in scale.

    I know there’s the whole freedom of speech thing. But when peoples’ lives are at stake, personal freedom of speech ends just like it does in a crowded movie theater.

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