7 thoughts on “When you elect Romney, you elect every right wing nut he's pandered to…

  1. Hooo, boy. If there isn’t a more textbook example, for me, of mostly agreeing with the message but SERIOUSLY disliking the messenger, I’d like to see it. I lean mostly to the left anyway, but Maher and his snarky, smart-mouthed insolence make me wish he would contract permanent laryngitis and have to find another line of “work”. We live in a free country, and I would never obstruct his freedom of speech, but c’mon folks, we can agree to disagree, respectfully. And I must say that I nearly choked on my own juices when I heard his comment starting at 1:06 (the line about “…it’ll be towing behind it the whole anti-intellectual, anti-science freak show…” Apparently Maher considers his own Looney Tunes anti-vaccination beliefs to somehow be above the “anti-science freak show”? Can’t wait ’til Orac chimes in on this one!

  2. Science, reason and logic are clear. Sex between two humans produces another human in the womb – not a tadpole or a “choice”.

  3. RL, it doesn’t require sex. There are multiple ways to produce a zygote of our species, from in vitro fertilization to cloning. There will be more in the future. We are the result of biology.

    And in biology, all boundaries are fuzzy.

  4. Thousands of embryos are sitting in freezers right now and they will never be implanted. The parents got divorced, changed their minds, ran out of money, or died before the mass of cells could gestate and become a human. After Hurricane Sandy, power went out to many of the freezers storing embryos. Anti-choice? You had better be at your state prison every day picketing against the death penalty or I can’t take you seriously.

  5. so true. so true. and there is no equivalent on the left to this wing-nuttery (at least that would get a political pander).

    just overheard a discussion that underscores this, and i still cannot believe this was said.

    context: upper middle class, generally “over educated” population in our building. but not everyone…

    not this woman – she was saying. “unfortunately this is a democracy. unfortunately. the troglodytes won. as long as they’re allowed to vote. The trogs. The hispanics. The nigs. unfortunately, they’re allowed to vote. unfortunately this is a democracy”.

    what the fuck?

    but that nailed nearly every confirmation bias I have against the GOP.

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