#Frankenstorm #Sandy #Occupy #Wall #Street

Reports from Lower Manhattan are sketchy, but the tide gauge shows that the Atlantic Ocean is receding, but not before filling the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel with several feet of water, probably flooding several subways, and covering the New York Stock Exchange floor with a few feet of water.

So far five or so people in the New York City area and one person in Maryland have been killed, including the very tragic case of two kids killed instantly when a large tree crashed through their house, where they were inside playing.

The power outages are extensive and the storm is not anywhere near over, but I thought you’d like to hear about the Wall Street thing….

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5 thoughts on “#Frankenstorm #Sandy #Occupy #Wall #Street

  1. UPDATE: Rumors of NYSE trading floor flooding are not true, says NYSE – @politico @CNBC @weatherchannel

    But, Wall Street itself has water running down it, according to credible reports.

  2. Greg, I’m horrified by the state of things on the east coast. I lived there many years ago. I still have friends there. What about all those strange homeless people who live in the abandoned subway tunnels?

  3. I’ve seen it on the news, it’s looks horrid. Up in Toronto we have gots lots of rain and wind, i feel bad for everyone in new york.

  4. Inaction also has costs. And those costs will be a lot higher than the cost of action (in fact, most actions, in our curre t depressed global economy, would probably lead to growth, rather than a net cost).

    I hope this helps people see through the barrage of climate misinformation they have been deluged with for the past few years.

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