14 thoughts on “Col. Lawrence Wilkerson on Racism in the Republican Party

  1. Col (R) Wilkerson is a weak minded person, and total flip flopper on issues. He only sways on the side of political convienence, and social correctness. He lacks the intestinal fortitude to react in a positive way, and support the Nation as a whole, instead he chooses to put his self interest in lieu of a strong, highly effective Miltary. CSM (R) Shumate

  2. Greg, I really appreciate the feedback. I realize College is tough for you, and competing with highly intellectual peers must prove exhausting. Go serve your Country and really understand the word self sacrifice. I am delighted I wore my uniform for 33 years, it afforded me the opportunity to help preserve your 1st Amendment rights .

    Sincerely Dan

  3. I applaud Col. Wilkerson’s candid remarks about his own party. They have definitely shown racism against our current president.

  4. You notice Danny attacks the person rather then bebating what he has to say, its a old ploy “slay the messenger”. The fact is the repubs have gone out of their way to attack the color of Obama’s skin. they can’t do it in a obvious way without being called out for the racism it is. So they have invented new arguments against this president. He is not one of us he is a Muslim, was not born in this country, he is differant then us and it goes on. They have spead so many lies and told them so many times they believe them themselves. It’s sickening.

  5. I applaud the man that can speak his own truth and stand behind it. He didn’t have to say anything. he has nothing to prove. But being a leader he spoke up and spoke out something everyone knows but no one says. He is not only displaying a level of intestinal fortitude that is absent from many people, but a high degree of courage.

    I personally believe that President has been one of the most effective presidents this country has ever had.

    Just in case you want to slay the messenger. Infantry Officer Rakkasan, 101st ABN. Support Vets by bypassing the sexy stuff (like care packages) and volunteered helping homeless and incarcerated vets.

    The number of years you served and the rank means means nothing if you are not representing the core values and the standards you should have learned.

  6. This is an example of the modern Republican Party. These ‘neo’ Republicans are NOT the party of President Lincoln or even President Ronald Reagan. They are not fiscally responsible nor morally sound and are hypocritical because they do the very same things that they are always accusing the Democrats of. And their candidate of choice isn’t interested in the entire United States of America; only 53% of it.

  7. James, I am proud of your service. Please spell Vietnam correctly. You attacked Danny for his position, then started to rant about race. Danny simply stated he thought Wilkerson was a flip flopper. Please take the time to look in the mirror, and realize that race bating is not required in an intellectual forum.


  8. Becky, I certainly applaud your wanting to spell Viet Nam correctly. Unfortunately, you did not. The correct spelling, as above is Viet Nam. The Viet Namese language is monosyllabic. Thus, there are no multi-syllable words. It is Da Nang, not Danang. Sai Gon, not Saigon.

    Viet Vet Team 162, Advisor, Airborne Infantry Division, Army of the Republic of Viet Nam, 1969-1970

  9. I served with Dan Shumate many years ago as Inspector Generals in the 5th Infantry Division. Listen to what he is saying, we have so many people giving political views out both sides of their mouths. Have FACTS to back them up. We are not asking you to hail us for our service. However please respect the many years we served our country from Viet Nam to the Gulf War. By the way Danny I have not seen you in 27 years best to you and your family.

    Nick B. Bruno US Army Retired and proud of it

  10. Any chance any one of you drum beaters has read the book “Kill Anything That Moves” by Nick Turse? Or done any UNBIASED research on what happened in French Indochina before and after the “Good Ole USA” moved in and raped and shit all over the place? If so what part of that so-called War did you find the most value in? Was it the rampant rape of young and often underage girls? The torching of rural villages that were the dwellings of those with minimal means to survive ie the most vulnerable (how “Christian” of you), the wholesale slaughter of innocent civilians? DICK Nixon’s indiscriminate Carpet Bombing? The Napalm? The hollow mantra that you were “spreading (so called) Democracy and protecting the World from Communism” Yeah right. How KIND of you. Or how about the Pentagon policy that the Vietnamese were “Merely Gooks” and to “waste them” was more or less acceptable…unless, of course, you get caught, just dont get caught and it’ll be OK right? See My Lai as one example, man what a fuck up, you are not supposed to get caught, remember we have the moral authority here). Or maybe its the FACT that the CIA made so much money for some of the agents smuggling Heroin that really makes it so special for ya? Just what is it with you obtuse arrogant abusive myopic quasi-retarded assholes that keeps you citing that War CRIME as some sort of example of how to “serve your country”? The Gulf of Tonkin Incident as a justification for that nightmare comes to mind now. What a FARCE. Don’t you maggots ever feel any guilt? Aren’t you ashamed? Why don’t you wake up, put away the God Country and Honor WAR-DRUM, and see the CRIMINAL DOG SHIT for what it is….CRIMINAL DOG SHIT. Oh and please say hi Dick Cheney for me if you get the chance! Thanks! PEACE (is bad for the GDP)!

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