5 thoughts on “Erik Paulsen vs. Michele Bachmann (not work safe)

  1. Yes, he actually has a hope. The national party guys are getting into it, he’s picking up some donations, and people in the district are starting to get tired of her .

    Also, the strong pro-Bachmann folks are simply less involved this year and the anti-Bachmann folks are very fired up to get rid of her. So, “likely voter” means 80-90% for the pro-Bachmann core voters and 99% fo the anti-Bachman core voters.

    If the weather on Voting day is bad, Bachmann is out.

  2. Michele Bachmann is part of the bachmann family that owns the flower stores and and the big landscaping company not fare from or in Lakeville, mn?

    If so this family does not care one bit about the middle class, unless they have friend to fight for. Speaking as some one that could not get a job with this company do to “i don’t meet their tax credit requirements”. In flat form i’m told by H.R. that because i never received food stamps or any other welfare from the state that they can not get a credit for hiring me.

    If you go to the bachmann’s where they grow all the tree and and shrubs, they employ more Mexican seasonal workers then American, and most do not speak English at at all, but i should say thanks for trying ha……..
    don’t bitch go see for your self or try to get a job and see what they tell you!!!!

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