Help Out Greta Christina

First, I want to remind you that Greata has written a great book called “Why are Atheists so Angry.” From my previous notice:

Why are atheists so angry?

And they are! Just yesterday I was hanging around with a bunch off atheists and they were all pretty angry. They were even getting angry with each other. I could hear “get off my lawn” as a more or less constant droning sound in the background.

People who are not atheists, or who may be indifferent to religion but never thought about it much, might want to know what this is all about. One way to do this is to read a book that just came out, … This book is by my friend Greta Christina, and it is called Why Are You Atheists So Angry? 99 Thing That Piss Off the Godless (click through and click around, there are multiple versions available).

I’ve seen Greta’s talk on the topic, and it is spectacular. … I thought you’d want to know about it right away. You will enjoy it no matter what your perspective on religion is; the book is well written, engaging, funny, detailed, compelling and will make you mad.

Get off my lawn!

And now to the main point: Greta has received some bad news about her health. She’ll be fine, in the medium to long run, but she’ll be out of commission for many weeks, skipping speaking engagements and such, and could use some help. Go read her post explaining the situation and what you might do.

And then, hopefully, you can do something. Thank you very much.

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