3 thoughts on “Obama is a commoonist!

  1. “i did the research” seems to be the magic word going around the right wing these days,i hear it on the late night crazy talker program i tune into once in awhile.it clears the path as they see it,how can you dispute someone who has done the research? i would like to know where this comes from as i’m sure a put down like that must have been manufactured in some right wing think tank and distributed to the faithful.

  2. “The research” is a meme I have seen in other contexts. Alt-med nincompoops have often been known to exhort others to do “the research”, and there was an infamous real estate commercial from the height of the bubble in which a woman appears to win a debate with her husband by saying, “Suzanne [the real estate agent] researched this!” Basically, “the research” involves looking at web sites or selective interpretations of data which support whatever view the speaker had already come to, and neglecting any contrary views, such as reality.

    No, I haven’t done the research, but I suspect this phrase was specifically designed to counteract the (as Stephen Colbert put it) well-known liberal bias of reality.

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