9 thoughts on “Climate change, evolution education under attack

  1. Let’s make a deal. We will stop attacking mythical stories like evolution and climate change. In exchange for us not attacking evolution and climate change, you have to acknowledge that there is a War on Christmas and you have to stop attacking Christmas. Deal? If not, we keep attacking evolution and climate change.

  2. Here’s the counter offer: You stop saying we are conducting a War on Christmas, because we are not, and you stop attacking Science. One possible variation is that you simply stop using science. Retroactively.

  3. There is a war on christamas. Every single year some smartelic takes it upon himself to ban a chrostmas tree here, or a ribbon there, or a song here, or a nativity scene there, etc. Every year this happens. There seems to be a concerted effort to rid this country of any reminders of the birth of Jesus. A war on CHRISTmas.

    I guess you answered the call. Therefore there will be no end to the war on science.

    Well, technically there is no war on science, or women for that matter. The so called war on science is based upon people’s opposition to evolution and the myth of global man made weather modification. Technically the Air Force and Russia have been for years trying to modify weather and use the technology as weapons of war, but have ultimately failed. So, technically there is such a thing as man made climate/weather change is you are referring to HAARP military weather weapons programs, but the idea that carbon is causing weather changes on earth is a very crude joke. It would take trillions of megatons of carbon per millisecond for trillions spewing for trillions of eons of time to even have a slight impact.

    Get this. Mt. St. Helens spewed more carbon into the atmosphere in one eruption than all man made machinery in human history combined. That’s every automobile, every coal plant, every machine that makes pollution of carbon. That’s just one eruption from one volcanoe. Now take all carbon spewing caves, underwater vents, volcanoes, etc. That is hundreds of trillions of times more carbon than man has ever created since man has existed. If carbon is to blame for your s called climate change, then your best bet to stop it is to leave cars ansd coal alone and go plug up all the ocean vents, volcanoes, and underground vents that emits all this carbon.

    Climate change is very real. it is natural and the earth goes through natural cycles. This whole UN Agenda 21 crap is nothing more than using that natural cycle for political and financial gain. FRAUD !and imrpsionment should definitely be considered. It is a global wealth redistribution scheme. Nothing less. Everyone involved should be banished from society.

    Now, the so called war on women. I need proof in order to carry on any further discussion on the matter. However if it is the “right” for the woman to kill her baby in the womb that you speak of, then of course it is a war, but not on women. On EVIL. “Liberated” women claim that is is THEIR body and they can do with it what they want. My Bible says not so fast. My Bible plainly states that your body is a temple, or dwelling, of the Holy Spirit and that body was CREATED by God and it is NOT your own.

    I see why lefties wish to abolish Genesis. That pesky book gets in the way of everything from socialism ot abortion, to gay “rights” Good luck getting rid of it. It is the bedrock of the entire Christian faith. Without Genesis there can be no Jesus. You should see faithfacts.org in order to understsand this.

    Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body,” (1 Cor. 6:19-20).

  4. Belk failed to note the Christmas is not in the Bible.

    Jesus never celebrated it.

    Neither did his the disciples.

    It did not happen on December 25th.

    The festivities which the Roman Church named Christmas are an old pagan holiday. It’s an pagan cult observance, something that Belk is obviously drawn to. Maybe Belk is a former drug addict, or just feeble minded. But he sure ain’t a real Christian.

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