16 thoughts on “The mic was on, he didn't know: What Mitt Romney Really Thinks

  1. Not sure about some of this, but Mitt was correct in saying that ony about 45 percent of people actually pay income taxes. The people who DO NOT pay any income taxes are the same people wanting the “rich” to pay more so that they can continue to be sponges.

    That is EXACTLY why Ron Paul was right. We need to abolish the income tax entirely, dismanlte the IRS and ban income taxes. In place the income tax we have stiffer tarrifs AND a national sales tax.

    If we had a national sales tax, the “rich” would pay more taxes like the liberals want them to since they would be buying more stuff than the “poor”. Also, illehal aliens could be legalized and we could freely open our borders. it wouldn;t matter anymore. Illegals could not come here and spend all of ur resources on their child daycare needs and healthcare needs and education and not pay taxes into the system. A national sales tax would solve that. If they work and live here they have to eventually buy food clothing, and boomboxes. A national sales tax would ensure that everyone pays their fair share in taxes.

    Besides the income tax is illegal and unconstitutional. In any event our dear leaders once promised that income tax would not go above 1 percent. I make less than $25,000 per year. 33 percent of my check or more goes to some government agency in one way or another.

  2. Congratulations on making yourself look like a dumbass, David Belk.

    Do you know who is part of that 45%? The elderly. The incredibly poor. People who work part time. People who are incredibly ill.

    You’re working your first job? SPONGE!
    Your job pays poorly? SPONGE!
    You’re 95? WRINKLY SPONGE!

  3. I’ll have to add, to Drivebyposter’s response to David Belk; David, you DO realize you are simply ONE serious injury, or illness from being one of those “sponges” yourself. It could also be your child, or your wife’s serious illness or accident since medical bills in the insured is one of the most common causes of bankruptcy.

  4. I’m sure he’ll respond that he’d be able to afford it if THE GODDAMN LIBERALS WOULDN’T STEAL ALL HIS HARD EARNED MONEY TO KEEP CHILDREN FROM stARVING!!!11!1123454321!!! or something to that effect. If he responds at all.

  5. Lucky duckies with no goddamned income to tax. We need to find some other way to get their “fair share” out of them. I’m thinking work houses (not that they deserve any goddamned houses!!!1)

  6. Bob: OK, so, misconception one is that 47% of Americans is really 46% of households. But it could also be 51%.

    Thanks for that link.

  7. David Belk
    You do realize that your sponges include almost everyone who


  8. The 47% comment was really the only horrible thing he said in there (though it’s bad enough!). Ugh.

    @David Belk:
    The huuuge problem with raising money from a sales tax is that it’s so gameable. The more you can save money, the less you pay (as % of income), and then you retire somewhere warm and sunny that doesn’t have a sales tax (I’m partial to the Caribbean, myself).

    It becomes a regressive tax. The poor can’t avoid the tax, as they can’t save as much.

    BTW, given that we have a constitutional amendment for the income tax, calling the income tax unconstitutional just makes you look like a tool.

  9. Of course Romney is ignoring the sales tax, gas tax, property tax, and all the fees for license plates, licenses, and general service charges we pay to the government.

    Here’s an article in the Christian Science Monitor that reports that, contrary to all expectation, when all taxes are taken into account, everybody is paying pretty much the same portion to the government. Here’s the. as they say, money quote.

    “To put it in numbers, according to the analysis, the top 1 percent of earners account for 20.3 percent of total personal income in the United States and pay 21.5 percent of all federal and state taxes. The middle 20 percent of households earn 11.6 percent of US income and pay 10.3 percent of taxes. The lowest 20 percent account for just 3.5 percent of income, and pay 2 percent of all taxes”


  10. If anyone didn’t already know that Obomney was an empty suit who wants the office and power for himself (not for a moral government), this is all they should need. Vote for a criminal and be not surprised how the nation continues downward.

  11. I now found out that the kook who recorded this message was none other than Jimmy carter’s grandson. That explains alot. If i were Romney, I would personally screen everyone who csme to these meeting and all digital devices would be confiscated by Secret Service before entry would be allowed. Even then i would purchase a cell phone signal blocker, and a device to scramble any recorded messages on any device that some dirty little sneak might try to pull.

    It;s not too late yet to hire some investigators to trail this cameraman and find out some dirt on him and expose this creature publicly as retaliation for this event. I would definitely teach this liberla a valuable lesson on the meaning of PRIVATE conference. At the very least sue him. Not to get money, but just to tie him up in court long enough to drive him crazy and for the pleasure of getting him all the attention he craves.

  12. I do have an important message to all mentally defective protestors in the middle east right now:

    We realize that you are angry, but we laught at you becuase we know a secret that you do not. The American flags that you are burning makes us laugh. Why? They were made in China, so technically you are burning chinese flags and are too stupid to know it. And THAT is why we can laugh at you so hard. That, and your bad habit of rock throwing. It must be a national sport over there. We should sign Al Qaeda up for the next olympics as the rock throwing champions. The first one to cause mass panic and jihad wins.

  13. A liberla is a liberal who is more left wing that usual. Not necessarily a karl Marx worshipper yet, but well on the way to being one. People like Karl marx, Frank Marshall Davis, Fidel Castro, the infamous rapist Che, and many others are past the point of liberla. A liberla is a borderline fanatical commie with a hint of environmental terrorism mental complex.

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