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In case you were not noticing, a few items have come up on the X Blog for your attention. I made a few observations from Bill Clinton’s amazing speech last night and have a suggestion for my Republican friends. There’s a wonderful bit of video in which Mitt Romney sits down with a plaid flannel jacket wearing Vet to hob-nob with the masses, and accidentally ends up in a conversation about gay marriage with a guy who would really like to share is veteran’s benefits with his significant other. Be sure to watch it through to the end! And, there’s been several special editions of the Sunday Funnies. And more, you can dig around.

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5 thoughts on “On The X Blog

  1. There was something that happened at the DNC convention that was even more amazing than any speech.

    When the Democrats decided to put God back into the party platform, the audience booed God, so the new Republican campaign commericals should be:

    “Democrats – NO to God, Yes to Obama”.
    God Damn America – the new DNC motto.

    If I were a super pac chairman I would run this exact wording ad complete with Jeremiah Wright’s little tirade even if it cost me my life. I could not pass up an opportunity like that.

    Democrats – Saying NO to God since the Summer of Sin (1967).

  2. In the context of Rev. Wrights infamous sermon, the “God damn America” line makes sense. Wright was talking about a passage in the Bible where God supposedly cursed ancient Israel for abandoning its commitment to build a just society. He pointed out that the US has done the same thing. “How can we say ‘God Bless America’, when it might be ‘God Damn America’ ” is a rough paraphrase.

    This is similar to how Falwell and Robertson blamed 9/11 on our sinfulness and how D’Souza supports the terrorists by saying we should be more like them.

    There’s a lot more of this BS coming from the right wing.

  3. Perhaps 9/11 was a warning to us to change our sinful ways or else!

    God does use a nation’s enemies to judge that nation sometimes. Oh, right. I forgot. You never read the Bible. Start with Genesis to see how sin messed up every aspect of human life. End with Revelation that tells our present and our future.

    If we continue to fall into sin more and more, God will punish this nation. Of course no one is innocent. Both right and left wingers are guilty and equally as much, but we just do not see right wingers openly endorsing sin as if it were a good thing.

    Now right wingers do sin and do the same exact sins as the eft, but we also know to repent and try hard NOT to do them. Wr do not open accept them as the norm, we try to cull them.

  4. Wesley, you are mistaken: the delegates did NOT “Boo God”, they booed the chairman overlooking what was obviously NOT a two-thirds majority voice vote.
    Whether or not members of the Democratic Convention accept the idea of God, many are uncomfortable having their party support one very narrow version of belief. A person’s faith should be left out of politics and is a matter for family and church.

  5. Donna, I’m afraid Wesley may not be able to parse out a narrative in which something is about something that is about something else. God was mentioned, there was boo-ing, therefor e god was booed. Jeesh.

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