Navy Seals Who Should Be Deep Sixed

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It seems to me that Navy Seals who are openly talking about operational details of a special op are acting in a treasonous manner, should lose their rank, and be court marshaled. Amiright?

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6 thoughts on “Navy Seals Who Should Be Deep Sixed

  1. Isn’t he retired? In which case it is too late. I think I read the Seals don’t get to sign a binding secrecy declaration like the CIA.

  2. The video is private 🙁

    I’ve gotten the rebuttal (“No Easy Op” – an Amazon ebook) but haven’t read it fully yet. Offhand, what was revealed sounds dicey and politically motivated, but possibly not prosecutable (perhaps for political rather than legal reasons).

  3. sailor, that would be Standard Form 312. I think the major legal issue is whether he had the book properly vetted before publishing.

  4. As a Navy Veteran who signed agreements similar to the ones this guy did, I cannot but agree. Those agreements have the same force as direct orders, which in my case, forty years later, I would never think of violating, under any circumstances nor for any reward. I cannot imagine any situation in which Naval Special Warfare would allow former personnel to publish a book detailing operational details of an operation, much less one of such import. Disclosing anything, anything at all as to how we operate puts everyone in the community in danger.

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