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Obama v. Romney on Science: The most important thing you can read this election season

The Science Debate Project, co-founded by my friend Shawn Otto of Minnesota, has been trying to get candidates for the office of President to engage in a public debate about science. There has been resistance to that idea, but at least, Obama and Romney were willing to answer a set of questions related to science and science policy. The questions with the President’s and Romney’s answers are HERE. A press release regarding the project is here.

Romney wants to improve education by allowing parents to send their kids to charter and private schools, and he wants to fund that. He is not sure that Anthropogenic Climate Change is real or important, though he admits that the planet may actually be getting warmer. He wants to enhance innovation by reducing taxes for the rich and demanding more of lower paid workers. Obama’s position on the various issues is more well thought out, more likely to work, and more succinctly worded.

I am very disappointed that no one thought to ask the chair what it thought, but maybe later in the election season that can happen.

For all those who think, if there are any of you left, that the two main political parties in the US are the same, read this and report back.

Keep Rebecca Watson on SGU

Some time ago, a group of Internet Yahoos who shall not be named (the usual misogynist freaks who spend all their time harassing women who won’t shut up) started a petition to get Rebecca Watson tossed off her podcast “The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe.” As I understand it, no one took that petition seriously, but as a show of support for Rebecca, on behalf of all of us, Haley Stevens started up a petition to keep Rebecca on the show. And now it is time for you to go and sign the petition. If there are not 1000 signatures on this petition soon the Internet Yahoos will win. Go now and sign the petition.

Why are you still reading this post, by now you should have clicked through to the petition?!? Go.

Critiquing the critique of the critique of the critique of the critique of Bill Nye's video

This is a response to Critiquing the “Critique” and the “Critique of the Critique” of Bill Nye’s Video at UrbanAstro.org. In that post, FURYGuitar addresses both Critiquing the Critique of Bill Nye’s Video by me and Bill Nye’s “Don’t Teach Creationism…” Video Dissected by Business Communication Expert in which scientist and marketing expert Marc Kuchner writes in a guest blog for Scientific American Blogs an interview with communication expert Patrick Donadio. Continue reading Critiquing the critique of the critique of the critique of the critique of Bill Nye's video