Strange thing seen

Yesterday I was driving Julia down to Frog Town Midway where she had an exciting evening of political Phone Banking planned. We drove down Route 10 and merged onto God’s Highway southbound where we encountered, in the center lane, a line of white Ford Econoline vans. They were in convoy all going in the same direction. I’m pretty sure I could see about fifty of them. Fifty white Ford Econoline vans. Not brand new but all in good condition. Most of the vans had a driver and passenger, a few had more people than that. there were no markings. We fell in behind them and followed them south to Route 694 where they headed west.

What the hell was that?

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4 thoughts on “Strange thing seen

  1. Ryan: With two drivers in each car and up to five or six people in one in 7 cars? Maybe.

    The average driver was a white male between 60 and 80 years of age. All cars had either all white guys or all black guys. I saw no females.

    (Just adding a few more possibly useful clues)

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