Liberals like "green energy" and Republicans hate it. Right?

Not so fast …

  • 85% of Americans want more funding for research renewable energy such as wind power.
  • In Iowa, a state leading in wind energy production, 85% of voters view tax credits for wind production as positive.
  • Also in Iowa, 57% of all voters would oppose a presidential candidate who wanted to end tax credits for wind energy, and 41% of GOP voters would oppose a Republican candidate who wanted to end tax credits for wind energy.
  • During Romney’s overseas trip, his campaign announced that “He will allow the wind credit to expire, end the stimulus boondoggles, and create a level playing field on which all sources of energy can compete on their merits.”


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6 thoughts on “Liberals like "green energy" and Republicans hate it. Right?

  1. What bothers me Greg is that the more that Romney/Ryan and staff shoot themselves in the foot – and that’s getting to be pretty much daily if not hourly – the more I’m left to wonder just what is it they know that the rest of us don’t – which is to say – are they just saying whatever they really believe because they know come election day they already have it won due to various feats of skulduggery, and whatever they say now won’t make any difference? Rumor has it the Koch brothers promised Romney 100M for his campaign if he chose Ryan. That’s a lot of cash, no matter how rich you are, to be throwing at buffoons, whom in any moderately sane society shouldn’t have a hope in hell of winning a federal election.

  2. Nuclear energy alternatives aren’t likely to get a level playing field regardless of who’s in power (Liquid Flouride Throrium Reactors are a safe cheap alternative to oil). We can bitch and moan about liberals or conservatives being worse on energy but the fact of the matter is that the are both quite terrible.

    Energy is one of the top priorities this country should have and energy independence hasn’t made it into our top 10 priorities as a country. It’s not a party issue it’s and issue and the sooner we stop bickering and getting things done the better.

  3. I have noted, various places, about smart (I think) wealthy people buying up wind rights and water rights. I have the idea that we are going to run out of water long before we run out of oil. Not going to run out of wind any time soon.

  4. Ken (and Windchaser)…
    As always with a discussion of energy, it is very useful to draw a distinction between energy sources and fuels.

  5. Nuclear power is an excellent alternative to coal & oil. Coal which is used for electricity and oil from which natural gas is used. I think Ken was talking about fast fission which in my opinion is the best alternative. Millions of years of clean energy and using nuclear waste from left over power plants. until fusion comes online.

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