Are Mexicans and Palestinians Inherently Second Rate?

American Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney says they are. (Which is funny because he’s Mexican, but whatever…)

Speaking of the accomplishments of Israeli Jews in the middle east, Romney said

“… I recognize the power of at least culture and a few other things” including … business climate, … history of thriving in difficult circumstances and the “hand of providence.” He said similar disparity exists between neighboring countries, like Mexico and the United States.

Romney had previously made disparaging remarks about their Olympics to the British and is now on his way to Poland where he will probably tell some Polish Jokes.

Romney’s strategy is clear: Outrage the people of various foreign nations as he travels around the world, and cause the American press and the TV Talking Heads to express outrage as well. This is an excellent strategy to secure his base, who hate all things foreign. We can expect Romney to make a few extra disparaging remarks about France just after his return in order to shore up his position as a George-Bush like World Class Ass.

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8 thoughts on “Are Mexicans and Palestinians Inherently Second Rate?

  1. Another suspect part of what Romney was saying is the “Jews are so naturally good at banking/business” aspect.

  2. Uber diplomat Rmoney did praise the Israeli health care system.

    Oops…it’s a super-Romney-care system. that ensures all Israelis are 100% covered for 8% of Israel’s GDP (the US spends over 16% of its GDP on healthcare and many do not have access to it)

  3. On the other hand, the governor did not tell the Israelis that they fail to share in our treasured Anglo-Saxon heritage. Which I think was very white of him.

  4. In Israel Romney was really pandering to the Evangelicals who want war with Iran after Israel has secured biblical boarders. Because that is when the Apocalypse can finally happen.

    That is why Romney met with Netanyahu and canceled his meeting with the former opposition leader.

    Also, unsustainable draw down of aquifers for agriculture can make deserts bloom, until the water runs out, and the water will last longer if you don’t let anyone else use it.

  5. He needs to be more educated, there are several things wrong with this comparison. First the economies of Mexico and the United States are vitally important to each other. This only underscores the profound ties between our countries. As the third-largest U.S. trading partner behind only China and Canada, Mexico is critically important to America’s economic well being.
    Roughly 6 million American jobs depend on trade with Mexico, including more than 460,000 jobs in Texas. Nationally, trade of U.S. goods and services with Mexico totaled $500 billion and exports totaled $223 billion in 2011. Furthermore, the Mexican economy is now actually growing faster than Brazil’s economy, which has long been held up as the premier Latin American economic model.

  6. Romney has anscestors from Mexico, but none of them were Mestizo or what most people think of as “Mexican”. The Anti-White hostility among your posters is annoying.

  7. Jason,

    From my perspective, its not so much an Anti-White sentiment but more so an Anti- “I’m naturally of higher moral and ethical standing because I’m American and White”, which in itself is annoying. I’m not saying that the view has any foundation but that’s typically the rhetoric you find in these situations.

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