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How to share files with other people easily

Dropbox is still the best way for most users to store their files on multiple computers and in “the cloud” in part because it is system agnostic and not linked to a corporate entity that has other plans for you. And, using Dropbox you can share files pretty easily as well. However, there is another way to share files that is amazingly cool that I just found out about. It’s called “Drop Canvas.” With Drop Canvas you drag and drop files onto a “canvas” (it’s a web page) and then send the canvas to someone.

I’ve implemented a test already. A couple of other people and I are planning to make something for someone that involves images. So, I threw a bunch of possible images to use on a drop canvas and sent it around. Others can add additional images. I’m pretty sure others (to whom you’ve sent it) can delete files off the canvass (well, at least, I’ve just deleted a file off a canvass I sent to myself). So this could be an interesting collaborative tool.

Drop Canvas in action (screenshot)

Hat tip Yaara Lancet who also suggests other file sharing options.

What are the chances that Christ and Anti-Christ would end up living next door to each other?

Jesus H. Christ
[A]pparently, not as small as you might think. In Palm Bay Florida, Jesus is under arrest for stalking his neighbor, Anti-Christ, as well as shooting at him with a bb-gun.

I love the way the reporters keep referring to him as “Jesus Man.” I wonder if that’s how the Roman officials referred to him in 0-whatevery AD.

“Pilot. The Jesus Man is stirring up trouble again in the Galilee.”

“We’re gonna have to nail that Jesus Man to a cross, man.”

That sort of thing.

Anyway, here’s the video:


A small % of people believe in bigfoot and UFO’s. Michele Bachmann.

Michele Bachmann
[I] don’t know what causes people to either create beliefs about something that is not true, or to accept incredible beliefs of this sort. I do know that I’ve had such beliefs. When I was 12. At the time that I was 12 and a couple of years before that, I believed that theories like “Worlds in Collision” were interesting and possibly valid. I had mixed feelings about Ancient Astronauts. For at time I felt that Edgar Cayce explained everything. But then, I turned 13 and literally grew out of it. Well, there were other influences. And for some of those beliefs it took another year to completely go away. I’m pretty sure my old-world style Catholic upbringing prepared me to believe things that I now see as incredibly unlikely. If one grows up knowing that demonic possession, poltergeists, assumption, and coming back from the dead are well known phenomena, then an as yet undiscovered hominid living in the forest, or alternative theories of how the solar system evolved are not so hard to accept. But one grows out of these things. Continue reading A small % of people believe in bigfoot and UFO’s. Michele Bachmann.

The Subtext is a Sandwich

[I] like to go into Subway and order a BLT.

“What would you like, sir?”

“A BLT on Italian.”

“Would you like bacon on that, sir?”

“Yes. This is a BLT.”

“What kind of cheese?”

“No cheese. Just a BLT.”

“Toasted?” (Read: “Cooked?”)

“Ah…yes, actually, that would be good.”

Wait for a minute while the BLT is “toasting” in the preternatural rapid Subway oven.


“Yes. B-L-T.”

“Anything else on it?”

“Ah, yes. This is a BLT, so tomato would be good. BLT.”

“Anything else on it?”

“No, just mayo. That’s all.”

“Okay, anything else?”

“BLT.” Continue reading The Subtext is a Sandwich

Are you going to the Mr. Paul Aints game?

The minor league baseball game is on Friday, August 10th, and it is sponsored by the Minnesota Atheists. The local team, the Saint Paul Saints, will change their name to the Mr. Paul Aints for the occasion. If you are in the greater Twin Cities area please try to get to the game! I’m not sure if the discount Minnesota Atheists tickets are still available, but there will certainly be some seats still for sale somewhere in the stadium.

Now, you are probably already guessing that when an organised Atheist group gets together with a sports team to do something together, there will be…well, drama. And you’d be right if you guessed that. We of the Minnesota Atheists and their allies are taking it all in stride, of course, but there are some interesting conversations happening.

If you want more information about the game via links, and you want to explore the drama a bit, you can visit this post which includes a Letter to the Editor that I wrote that was actually printed.

See you at the game!