This cute kitteh needs your help

Cute Kitteh is a Metaphor for Atheist Talk Radio.

What do all these people have in common?

Don Prothero
Ed Brayton
Eugenie Scott
Ira Flatow
Jennifer McCreight
John Abraham
John Hawkes
Lois Shadewald
Lynn Fellman
Maggie Koerth Baker
Martin Rundkvist
Massimo Pigliucci
Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Peter Lipson
PZ Myers
Randy Moore
Sehoya Cotner
Shawn Otto

Well, that’s the short list of people who come to mind when I think of Minnesota Talk Radio, because I’ve either interviewed them or co-interviewed someone with them. Mike Haubrich, Stephanie Zvan and Biodork also come to mind because they’ve run or do run the show. There are many others.

And that is only (well, mainly) the science shows that I know that you’all as Scineceblogs readers would be interested in. There’s also the other stuff.

If you like Minnesota Atheist Talk Radio and want to help keep it on the air, this would be a good time to CLICK HERE and make a small donation. There is a matching fund thingie going on now too. Consider making a recurring donation. Or a matching donation in honor of somebody. Anything will help.

Thank you very much.

Picture of cute kitteh by Difusa

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