What does an atheist baseball game look like?

Aha. I’m glad you asked!

There are two events coming up on August 10th and 11th. The first one, I’m definitely going to, the second one…I’ve not decided yet. First, there will be an Atheist Baseball Game. Here in the Twin Cities we have a minor league team called the Saint Paul Saints. On August 10th, they will be rebranded as the Mr. Paul Aints, and the banners of the Minnesota Atheists and American Atheists will hang in the stadium as they play some other team. Other cute atheistic punny things will be implemented. I won’t tell you about all of them becuase that may ruin the shock value.

Then, on August 11th, will be the Regional Atheist Conference, in cooperation with the Minnesota Atheists and the American Atheists.

All of the details are here. Come to Minnesota and see the game and go to a nice conference! Dave Silverman, Teresa MacBain, Ayanna Watson, Robert Price, J. Anderson Thompson and PZ Myers will be speaking.

Photo of Saint Paul Saints game by billnwmsu

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3 thoughts on “What does an atheist baseball game look like?

  1. Since neither team would have God on their side, nor be praying for His help, all such baseball games should end in a tie. Unless one side had people stealth praying.

  2. Mark and Roger and Nick, you’re right, I apologise for my potty mouth; I shluod control it better.I remain unrepentant about calling out the dodgy concern-trolling though I agree with you about Hamilton in general Mark, but I have been very impressed by this ABC series he’s writing. It’s lucid, clear and relatively unstrident.I agree that a rhetoric arms race is not helpful for narrowing the gulf between public and scientific discourse. In some ways, I see parallels with the rise and fall of One Nation: lack of oxygen asphyxiated Hanson, not well-argued dismissal. In this respect, I think a calm monotone coupled with steady, regular debunking is the corrective needed.Of course, once we start to see government action, I suspect a lot of this will die down naturally; it’s the illusion of decisions still to be made giving it legs. Also, the nascent ejection of Abbott and assorted winged monkeys for somebody like Turnbull will push this back to the fringes, where it belongs.

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