Dogma [wikipedia]

Dogma is the established belief or doctrine held by a religion, or a particular group or organization.[1] It is authoritative and not to be disputed, doubted, or diverged from, by the practitioners or believers. Although it generally refers to religious beliefs that are accepted without evidence, they can refer to acceptable opinions of philosophers or philosophical schools, public decrees, or issued decisions of political authorities….

Dogma []

1. an official system of principles or tenets concerning faith, morals, behavior, etc., as of a church. Synonyms: doctrine, teachings, set of beliefs, philosophy.

2. a specific tenet or doctrine authoritatively laid down, as by a church: the dogma of the Assumption; the recently defined dogma of papal infallibility. Synonyms: tenet, canon, law.

3. prescribed doctrine proclaimed as unquestionably true by a particular group: the difficulty of resisting political dogma.

4. a settled or established opinion, belief, or principle: the classic dogma of objectivity in scientific observation. Synonyms: conviction, certainty.

Note definition #4. The term is not infrequently used in science. For instance, Sasuki has used the term “Central Dogma of Genetics” to describe transcription and translation.[citation needed]

Dogma [best movie ever]

Two banished angels … have discovered a loophole that would allow them back into heaven; problem is, they’d destroy civilization in the process by proving God fallible. It’s up to … a lapsed Catholic who works in an abortion clinic to save the day, the heretofore unknown 13th apostle … and a sexy, heavenly muse. …

Dogmatic []

1. of, pertaining to, or of the nature of a dogma or dogmas; doctrinal.
2. asserting opinions in a doctrinaire or arrogant manner; opinionated.

Dogmatic Feminism [The Intertubes]

Seems to be a recently made up thing.

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7 Responses to Dogma

  1. Crudely Wrott says:

    The anthem of dogma is (unfortunately) a disco song:

    So there! Nya na na na naaa.

    The sorriest part is that one can usually get away with it as long as there exists a cohort willing to jump up and down and feel real good about the fact that they can jump up and down.

    I always found jumping up and down tiresome. Others’ mileage seems to differ.

  2. had3 says:

    Don’t forget Oblex”s pet: dogmatix. (I think I misspelled the title character”s name).

  3. lordshipmayhem says:

    Dogma (Lordshipmayhem definition): Religious belief that you can really sink your canine teeth into.

  4. Dogmatic Feminism: Feminism that is defended with the level of passion that is only acceptable in the defense of privileged positions.

  5. Greg Laden says:

    Dogmatic feminism: Feminism that the user of the phrase “dogmatic feminism” finds inconvenient.

  6. Louise says:

    Dogma – a very funny movie !

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