Maggie Koerth Baker, A writer’s writer on “The World’s Shittiest Secret Society”

Maggie Koerth Baker, whom I am so very happy to know and count as a friend and sort of neighbor, has written an essay that is clearly one of the the most important and powerful essays regarding the topics of miscarriage abortion that you will ever read.

Someone said the other day somewhere out there in the intertubual space, quoting someone, that “You know you’re a writer when you suffer a painful injury and think, ‘great, now I can write about pain from personal experience.'” At this very moment, the ink is still wet on Maggie’s essay which is meant to do exactly that, to discuss miscarriage and abortion and many of the things that go along with these things from a very personal perspective.

Holy crap, Maggie. I want to see you soon and give you a hug or something.

Everybody, give yourself a few minutes and click here.

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2 thoughts on “Maggie Koerth Baker, A writer’s writer on “The World’s Shittiest Secret Society”

  1. It was very good to see this piece go almost instantly viral yesterday afternoon. It was also very good to see Maggie be “surrounded” by people on Twitter who had been through something similar so that all of them felt less alone.

    I’ve never said, “Great”, about the pain. I have said, “At least I can write so that I can make this pain count for something, somewhere.”

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