6 thoughts on “America’s Worst Tatoos

  1. Always good for a a few laughs:

    Bad Kanji

    Before you get that cool looking Asian calligraphy inked permanently on your body be sure you (and your tattoo artist) know what it really says….

    “Due to tattoo’s poor calligraphy, it is difficult to determine if it is intended to be a single character, ? (to foster) or double character phase, ?? (small animal).

    Either case, it is definitely not “strength”. “

  2. Oh, goody. More pure CRAP from Discovery Communications. Perhaps they could see if there are tattoos on the mermaids they foisted off on us a few weeks back.

  3. I FULLY expected to see the make-overs on the INITIAL Video – but no – only the first part of the story !!!!

    So Greg – the tease without the the please – no thanks !!

  4. No offense Greg, but that was a really dull video especially since I watched it right after the Don Lemon video which was great. I expected some really horrendous tattoos and didn’t get any. Not that I really care at all about tattoos good or bad.

  5. Bob Allen and Louise: Don’t blame Greg, blame Discovery Communications, purveyors of fine schlock on seven or eight channels 24 hours a day. TLC, home of this particular abomination, once stood for “The Learning Channel”. I don’t know how the Mythbusters stand to keep working for them. Although the quality of their programming has slid pretty dramatically as well.

  6. Trebuchet: – JUST because that Channel puts the puppy out – DOESN’T mean that Greg NEEDS to tease without the please – AND – Doesn’t mean that Greg NEEDS to put the puppy in his Blog space !!

    Just sayin’.

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