JREF Welcomes New Communications Director

The James Randi Educational Foundation, which does important work on behalf of skepticism and education, has been without a communications director for a while now, but has just announced the appointment of Carrie Poppy to that position. From a blog post by DJ Grothe:

I am pleased to share some exciting news straight from the James Randi Educational Foundation, and to introduce you to the newest member of our team, Carrie Poppy. After months of searching and interviews, we are thrilled to have Carrie join us. She has been involved in the non-profit world for several years, and has worked on many successful campaigns in LGBTQ rights, animal protection, and skepticism, a cause about which she is especially passionate. I asked Carrie a few questions from our brand new offices in the heart of Hollywood, California. (Open house details to be announced in the weeks ahead; stay tuned!)

The rest of the post is an interview with Carrie.

Everything I’ve heard about Carrie Poppy is pretty positive, often glowing. The PETA link is interesting; if you’ve followed my commentary on “animal rights” you’ll know that I have a very pro-animal rights mixed with anti-animal rights set of views. And in between. Maybe that’s a topic we should bring up again in the near future.

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6 thoughts on “JREF Welcomes New Communications Director

  1. Is this why DJ stopped digging that hole? So they could hire someone to fill it in for him? Good plan.

    It’ll be interesting to see how she handles the post.

  2. I wouldn’t put to much emphasis on the meaning of this. JREF had a communications director, that person went away, I assume they’ve been planning on putting a new person in, and this is the person. I doubt the hiring cycle was affected by current events and I doubt that current events or the hiring cycle has blessed DJ with a sense of strategy.

  3. Also, the new cd is a friend of DJ’s. Which is not to say she won’t do a good job. But her hiring probably doesn’t represent any sort of substantive change.

  4. Oh god. I’ve really liked Carrie Poppy’s work in the past (ONRaC, Mr. Deity stuff, etc.). I really really hope she doesn’t end up getting sucked into the wrong side of this recent clusterfuck. It’s all very well to think of another Great Sorting over this issue as a way of cleaning house (as I’ve seen suggested elsewhere), but it’s never pleasant to see former respected champions ending up sorting themselves into the slimepit or its near environs. Hopefully she’ll take some time to get a good handle on this issue and do the right thing, as much as her position empowers her to. <insert superstitious gestures here>

  5. I know for sure that she’s appeared in a few episodes. She was the “victim” in the most recent Way of the Mister, and I believe she played a psychologist in a Mr. D. episode a while back. I also have a vague unsubstantiated sense that she had some other involvement with the show production, but I might have made that up in my head.

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