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Wisconsin. You blew it.

A while back, about the time protesters were occupying the Wisconsin State House, I mentioned that while I fully supported the recall of Walker, I also thought the voters of Wisconsin had to take a certain amount of responsibility. They did elect the guy, after all. It was their fault, collectively, that he was in office.

People got mad at me and told me I should say things like that. The people of Wisconsin were victims, they didn’t mean to put an evil Democracy-hating crook in the state house. They needed our support, not our admonition.

But guess what. I was right. The majority of voters in Wisconsin are union busting dickheads, and the rest of the voters, the almost majority, are either not sufficiently persuasive, not showing up at the polls, or are not reproducing quickly enough. Officially, Wisconsin is a Stupid State. I’d love to just think that whatever happens to you, Wisconsin, you deserve because you brought it on yourself (I can say that more Passive Aggressively if you like). But unfortunately, what you did was worse than just screwing yourselves. You’ve screwed the entire country. You let yourselves be the first domino to fall in what was left of a delicate system set up to maintain certain rights and certain responsibilities. We got here with a lot of violence, hard work, death and destruction, nearly revolution. Remember? No, of course you don’t. And you have knocked over the first domino. You idiots.

If you are a Wisconsin resident, and you understand that Scott Walker had to be recalled, and you did not show up at the polls, then you are my enemy. You are everybody’s enemy. You are worse than the yahoos who wanted him to stay and showed up and voted, because at least they participated in the process.

If you make less than a quarter of a million dollars a year, and you voted to keep Walker in, you are an idiot. If you don’t have a job and you want one, of if you have a job in anything where Unions matter even if you are not in a union, and you voted for Walker, you are an idiot. I could go on. I think you get the point.

And the Packers suck even when they win.

Good night. Don’t bother calling me and emailing tomorrow for money and pizza. Dig yourself out this time. I’m busy over here in Minnesota trying to keep our yahoos down. Maybe we’ll send them there, you like them.


Same Sex Marriage: Atmosphere changing

While we wait for what I’m pretty sure is going to be bad news from Wisconsin, where Democracy is about to get kicked out by a pack of hoodlums, there’s this:

California’s Prop 8 Same-Sex Marriage Ban Looks Headed To Supreme Court

A federal appeals court in San Francisco says it will not reconsider an earlier ruling that California’s Prop 8 ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.

Today’s decision is posted here. It does not mean that same-sex marriages are suddenly legal again in California. KQED writes that the court said its decision “is stayed for 90 days pending the filing of a petition for writ of certiorari in the Supreme Court.”

That is probably good news.

And, in Minnesota: Continue reading Same Sex Marriage: Atmosphere changing

DJ Grothe vs. Tony Stark

I think the DJ Grothe thing has run its course. DJ issued a lengthy apology to Rebecca Watson on Skepchick. The apology has some good things in it, DJ has said some of the proper, need-to-be-said things. But as has been pointed out by both Rebecca and Stephanie (see also this) with added commentary by Jason, DJ’s comment…what it said, how it was said, what wasn’t said, to whom it was said, and to whom it was not said, among other things…underscored rather than diffused the problem. Now, he should be prepared to take the next needed steps.

Dr Phil tells us that there comes a time in many relationships for one person to be a hero. It is now time for DJ Grothe to be the hero. Pursuant to this, I give you … DJ Grothe, Joining The Avengers for a Trial Period: Continue reading DJ Grothe vs. Tony Stark