Judge Pissed at Zimmerman, Orders Him Back to Jail (updated)

George Zimmerman, killer of Trayvon Martin, apparently misled the courts as to how much money he had available, and was thus given a light bail. The judge, learning of this, has ordered him to surrender himself to authorities to get re-locked-up.

Apparently, he had raised a whopload of money on the Intertubes but failed to mention it.

Prosecutors claim Zimmerman had $135,000 available that had been raised by a website he set up. Zimmerman’s wife, Shellie, testified at the bond hearing in April that they had limited funds available since she was a nursing student and Zimmerman wasn’t working.

Update: Defense team says Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman in police custody in Fla.

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27 thoughts on “Judge Pissed at Zimmerman, Orders Him Back to Jail (updated)

  1. A tough break for a murder suspect – spending time in jail – for misrepresenting something. You don’t think that maybe this ain’t the only thing that he’s mislead folk on?

  2. His wife definitely should be in jailed, or at least fined or something. Is one legally under oath at a bond hearing in Florida?

  3. What concerns me more than any of this is that you shoot a person dead in cold blood and for that people on the Internet give you 135 large.

    Closer to $250k, according to the TV this morning. Pretty disgusting.

    I hope someone doesn’t kill him in jail. We don’t need him being made a martyr any more than he already has been.

  4. Trebuchet, yes, that is what I heard too. Creeps me out that there are people out there who would give that much money to someone who shot a kid in cold blood.

  5. What concerns me more than any of this is that you shoot a person dead in cold blood and for that people on the Internet give you 135 large.


    What is WRONG with these people?

  6. What is WRONG with these people?

    They took up a collection for the guys that killed Emmett Till as well.

  7. According to the TV news Zimmerman seems to have also obtained a second passport. $200,000, better than $130,000 remaining, and having a second passport, in case they confiscate the first, would make it easy to take up residence in … say … Guatemala.

    Get your name in the news over an issue that could be construed as political and there are often schmucks out there willing to send you money just to make a statement. At $20 a piece it only takes ten thousand. Sounds like a lot but there are likely that many people on the Stormfront mailing list. And no, I don’t think skinheads really care about Zimmerman. For them he is just another ‘mud’.

    But if their $20 helps get Zimmerman off they figure the black community might riot. A riot that burns parts of the minority community, injures brown and black people, sullies the reputation of the respective communities, might lead to black on brown conflict and long lasting distrust, and generally move the nation toward the race war and chaos they so desire.

    But it isn’t just the White supremacists and racists who might have reason to contribute. The gun rights folks are big on justifying what Zimmerman did. Check out the gun boards for color commentary that will raise your hair.

  8. AND – on MANY SUNDAYS – HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS – of collections – are taken up for some MYTHICAL GUY – whom the Romans MYTHICALLY killed on a cross – THOUSANDS of years ago !!!!!!!!

    DAMN – THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of folk – are GULLABLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hey, listening to some of the commentary here, why bother to have a trial at all. Just take the guy out and lynch him.

    However, IMHO, this is all part of the pressure the prosecutor is putting on Zimmerman to force a plea bargain for first degree manslaughter. Zimmerman would be far more amenable to a plea bargain if he’s sitting in the slammer then if he is walking around loose.

  10. @13 – So, in your book – it’s OK to LIE to the court!!!!!!

    HOW – with the LIE allowed – will we EVER know – WHAT REALLY happened, from Zimmerman’s EYE Whitness report ????????

  11. Re Bob Allen @ #14

    I think I’ll wait for Mr. Zimmerman’s explanation before passing judgement. According to his lawyer, he would have been precluded from using any part of that fund as part of the 10% bond required by a bail bondsman.

    I would agree that Zimmerman’s account should not be taken at face value. However, there are injuries to the back of his head and to his face that are visible in photographs taken just after the police officers arrived at the scene. The only injury to Martin, other then the fatal bullet wound is a bruise on one of his knuckles. This seems to indicate that they were, indeed, engaged in a fight and that Zimmerman was getting the worst of it.

    That in no way, shape, form, or regard excuses Zimmerman from criminal liability. The only issue here is whether 2nd degree murder is overcharging. Let’s recall that the police officer, who was in charge of the crime scene wanted to charge Zimmerman with 1st degree manslaughter, after hearing Zimmerman’s story, but was overruled by the previous prosecutor who filed no charges.

  12. @15 – So – Zimmerman LIES – but not all the time, according to you !!! HOW do YOU know that he doesn’t LIE all of the time ??? HOW would one know – with a track record of LIES – that he would/could/should ever NOT LIE ???

  13. Re Bob Allen 16

    I pointed to evidence that appears to support at least part of Zimmerman’s story. Apparently, Mr. Allen isn’t interested in evidence, he’s too busy organizating a lynch mob.

  14. I would like to congratulate you on the use of the word “whopload,” which I shall now try to incorporate into my daily vocabularly.


  15. @ 17 – So here’s Zimmerman’s EYE Whitness Testimony –

    “I ONLY Lied on the bond issue so I woundn’t SPEND TIME in Jail ! I’m NOT LIEING in my Eye Whitness Testimony – because I ONLY want LESS TIME IN JAIL from the lessor crime.”

    Let’s hear it of good ol’ LESS TIME in JAIL Zimmerman !!!!!

  16. Also @ 17 – WHY would Zimmerman PACK a Gun in the first place ??? I Watch our Condo – but I don’t pack a gun to do it !!

    WHY did Zimmerman CONTINUE to follow the guy AFTER the POLICE Dept told him NOT TO ????

    SO, the gun packin’ Zimmerman – follows a guy – AFTER the police tell him NOT TO FOLLOW – and end’s up LIEING about the bond issue – to spend LESS TIME in Jail !!!!!

    Yup – “less time in jail” Zimmerman – the virtue of Human Conduct !!!!!

  17. Re Bob Allen @ #19 % #20

    Mr. Allen, in his zeal to form his lynch mob continues to overlook the physical evidence that partially supports Zimmerman’s account, namely he has at least 2 injuries, a cut on the back of his head and a broken nose, while the only injury that Martin has, other then the bullet wound, is a bruise on the knuckle of one of his hands. The physical evidence indicates that the two had an altercation and the Zimmerman was getting the worst of it.

    How about addressing the physical evidence instead of promoting a lynch mob.

  18. @ 21 – SO – WHY would good ol’ gun packin’ Less-Time-In-Jail Zimmerman – follow a guy – AFTER the Police tell him – NOT TO follow the guy ?????

    WHAT would ol’ gun packin’ less-time-in-jail Zimmerman have in mind – AFTER the Police tell him – NOT TO FOLLOW ?????? Could the gun packin’ Zimmerman have EVIL in mind ????

    WHY would gun packin’ Zimmerman LIE about the money ???? WOULD gun packin’ Zimmerman – EVER – LIE – EVER – ’bout ANYTHING – like MURDER ?????

    Just DON’T wear a hoodie ’round gun-packin’ Zimmerman !!!!!!

  19. slc1: the currently-available evidence also includes the fact that Zimmerman was explicitly advised to stay in his car (not his house, he was pursuing Martin in his car); and he ignored that advice, got out of his car, and SOUGHT OUT the fight in which he may or may not have found his life in danger. Zimmerman started the fight in a place where both he and Martin had an equal legal right to be; so the claim of self-defense is a bit fishy at best.

  20. Donations are up since Zimmerman was ordered to return to prison. He is raking in $1000/day now.

    Not only did he lie about the money. He also lied about a second passport. He gave them the passport he’d lost, then found–which had been invalidated and expires in 2012. He did not give them the replacement (and valid) passport, which expires in 2014.

    They were hiding money, they were hiding passports….hmmm

  21. I believe that in past cases of heinous crimes – where there is a conviction of the perp – and the perp writes a book about it – that the courts have CONFISCATED the profits from the book !!!

    Obviously – there has not been a conviction – yet – for this crime – however – PROFITS from the perpetration of the CRIME – appear to be coming in to the perp – and his wife.

    I trust that the courts will do SOMETHING about this !!!!!

  22. No one has mentioned that the bullet that killed Trayvon was a hollow point. It fragments inside the body. They call it “stopping power”. Even if Trayvon had not been hit directly in the heart, he would have died. Zimmerman knew when he pulled the trigger that it was certain death for Trayvon.

  23. Yesterday the Perp’s wife was released on a $1,000 Bond and has been charged with Perjury. Her picture in our local newspaper reminds me of pictures of some of the women who were Nazi Guards at concentration camps. Of course, many mug-type shots look like that.

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