11 thoughts on “Uh … ah … I don’t know what to say

  1. She will probably die of skin cancer. That’s just not normal. Can’t even call it a “tan”

  2. Holy Oompa Loompa Batman!

    The facts presented jive with her telling the truth, but I think he was protesting too much at the accusations. I don’t buy it.

  3. What i find amazing is this: The story is about the unlikely issue of the woman putting her fair skinned daughter in the tanning box. Obviosly that is not true, it is a stupid misinterpretation and it is a great example of the usual comportment of the system breaking down because of lack of consideration or thought process.

    Meanwhile no one seems to notice that this woman is … shall we say … fuuuucked up. THERE’s your problem, lady!

  4. Yeah, jumping from “We went tanning” to “My mother exposed me to harmful UV rays” is beyond silly

  5. I almost wonder if they ran the story as an excuse to show that poor woman on TV. On the plus side, maybe someone she trusts will see it and tell her that she must stop tanning. Immediately.

  6. From what I read, the child had a sunburn after “tanning with my mom”. Obviously, they were familiar with her mom’s obsession…which is what triggered the report. That tan in NO WAY looks real. How could she even think that looks anything but bizarre–she must have a very serious case of body dysmorphic disorder, I don’t know what her husband’s excuse is….

  7. Sort of a living honey-glazed ham. Spooky. She looks a bit dry. Needs more pineapple slices, and a few cloves stobbed in …

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