You should never use these words on the Internet:

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Below the fold.

Or, alternatively, use them all all the time. Either way, you will thwart efforts by the US Department of Homeland Security to Catch You! (If you are a bad guy.)

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6 thoughts on “You should never use these words on the Internet:

  1. Ah-ha. Apparently, I’ve been `caught’ already, as I do use and have used many of the words you’ve shown as I write emails all over the U. S. And so have thousands of others. Do you suppose I and those thousands of others are being investigated as we speak? Too stupid.

  2. I have the weapons grade Tamil Tiger nuclear car bomb bridge target warning organization weapons cache in Ciudad Juarez waiting for the storm of MYSQL injection brute force DDOS virus worm phishing crash lockdowns.

    No ?

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