15 thoughts on “Tropical Cyclone Names 2012

  1. Greg, you made this up, right? Or someone did. Winky?? In the Black Lake Basin? Doesn’t sound very subtropical. Is this some Montanan’s idea of a joke?

  2. This is obviously some sort of gitchy goomy humour that is completely impenetrable to those from other regions. Though the storms there can get pretty intense, just ask Edmond. Why Everard and not Edmond?

  3. my mistake, I saw Blake lake Basin and my poor old mind converted it to Black Bay (Lake Superior’s specifically)

  4. At the very least, most of these are Harry Potter characters. Not really a fan so I don’t recognize all of the names.

  5. It’s Bellatrix.

    Everard is a surname. Ernie would have been better.

    Irma is a more prominent in-world name (Isla is from the Black Family Tree, so not canonical enough for book-purists)

    JK is out-world. James would be better.

    N should be Nymphadora! (or Nicolas, or Nicholas or Narcissa)

    Quigley is a surname, but there’s Quentin (equally obscure) or Quirinus (not canonically pure enough)

    If we avoid Muggles (because wizards would), V should be Viktor (or Verity or Violet).

    U might be Urquhart (used as a first name once, very obscure)

    Z is Zacharias.

    Still not happy with Y.

  6. Traditionally, hurricane name lists seem to stop at W. Our X is going too far, perhaps. We don’t need no stinking Z’s

    Black Lake is the lake at Hogwarts. It is sometime referred to as The Great Lake.

  7. But with Scottish climate, who knows how many storms they have. Yes, you need Z. If not Zacharias, there’s (maybe) Zonko.

  8. And, to pile on with Anat’s corrections, I’m pretty sure it’s Xenophilius, unless there’s some character that I completely forgot.

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