Daily Archives: May 14, 2012

Ron Paul to Stop Campaign But Still Fully Expects To Be Elected President

From the Washington Post:

Texas Rep. Ron Paul (R) announced today that he is scaling back his presidential campaign operation.

He said in a statement that he will continue to fight former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney for delegates at state conventions around the country, but he will no longer spend any money on upcoming primary contests.

He actually probably can do that to some extent. His people are more than willing to break convention and disregard rules and stuff. Paul will be going into the convention with more delegates than primary winner Santorum from Minnesota becuase they did something like cheating here.

It would be funny if he won the nomination!

Nonsensical Icons: Why is there a "V" on top of my television!?!?

Scott Hanselman has a post on “old people icons” that don’t make sense any more. This is one of those posts I’ve always wanted two write but never got to (or have I? … can’t remember).

The most obvious one is of course the floppy disk for “Save” long abandoned by Gnome and replaced with a down arrow (which makes zero sense, but whatever). One I had not thought of is the radio button, which of course matches those old radios with the buttons… The radio button as a convention in a dialog box makes total sense in and of itself. Calling it a radio button is of course atavistic.

He includes clipboards for cut and paste. This is out of place a bit, because a clipboard still makes sense as a thing (we still use them) but they NEVER made sense as “cut and paste.” There were at one time icons used that did sort of make more sense … a paste jar with a brush … anybody remember what products use that?

Scott has many more, go take a look. I especially like some of the absurdities he points out such as “At some time in the past the magnifying glass became the “search everywhere” icon, but for some reason binoculars are for searching within a document.”

More Greek Nazi Related Action

My Greek-linked contacts tell me that he Golden Dawn (read: Nazi) WordPress website has been taken down, WordPress having been informed by the broader international community (THIS MEANS YOU!!!) about the violation of terms of service. Good for WordPress!

Now, according to the same sources, Golden Dawn has a new blog hosted by Google on Blogger. Time for a new petition!

It is here.

We call on Google to follow the example of WordPress and stop providing a free platform for Golden Dawn’s hate speech and intimidation of journalists by suspending the official Golden Dawn blogs hosted on their platform.

Click through and read the details, and you’ll see that it makes sense and you’ll want to sign it, I’m sure.