5 thoughts on “It is not a Jet Pack, but it is close

  1. Personally, what I want to see are speed and range sensors and cameras mandated on cars so that Joe Ordinary can press a button to report bozos speeding, tailgating, etc. to the cops and the bozos get a fine.

  2. Not close enough. Weekly Reader lied to me about what
    the Glomar Explorer was doing. I don’t want the jet packs
    to be a lie too. (This is pretty cool though.)

  3. Hey there! This is quite an interesting post. I hope it gets to be realized or if not to have cars working on gas efficient tools such as R.E.D Teslagram – a tool which is used to reduce carbon emissions and at the same time increase gas economy and mileage.

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  4. I’ll believe it when I see it. Hop onto youtube and search for “perpetuum mobile”. Plenty of fancy 3D graphics, there too.

    IOW: harrumph!

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