Lugar Loses, Tea Party Gains, will Democrats win?

The Republican Party in Indiana will not be sending Dick Lugar into the fray this year. His candidacy for the US Senate has been put aside in favor of a Tea Party activist Richard Mourdock. Mordock won handily with 60% of the vote.

This could mean a shift in the Senate, as Murdock probably has a much lower chance of defeating the Democratic nominee, Joe Donnelly, than did Lugar, who has held that seat since shortly after Indiana became a state. Or at least some think so:

The polling has long shown that moderate Democratic candidate Joe Donnelly, a former small business owner and House member from the South Bend area, had no shot against Lugar but does stand a chance against Mourdock, a tea party favorite with big-dollar support from the Club for Growth, the National Rifle Association and FreedomWorks.

This could be a game changer. There are only 10 Senators. Remember last election?

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3 thoughts on “Lugar Loses, Tea Party Gains, will Democrats win?

  1. “Mourdock,” “Mordock,” “Murdock,” and then “Mourdock” once more. Couldn’t settle on what the proper spelling of his name should be, eh? ;P

  2. End of an era. I had met Lugar on election night and we had talked after my first vote in ’76. Oakes was his campaign manager that year.

    Who would have thought R. Lugar would be beaten by a t-bagger?

    The Hoosier electorate may surprise me if they vote democratic, but I have doubts after seeing how the state house has been trying to push religion and anti-abortion legislation the past 2 years.

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