Our book is in the news!

Check it out. Atheist Voices of Minnesota: an Anthology of Personal Stories is an anthology that includes a lot of your favorite bloggers, including several from here on FTB. A local paper (I assume it’s a paper, I only see it on the web) covered it:

Farmington man helps atheists find a voice
It’s not always easy being a nonbeliever. In a society where personal faith is still important to many, people who identify themselves as atheists often worry how they’ll be perceived if friends, family or employers find out they don’t believe in God……

Bill ….[has] been active in the Minnesota atheist community for the past three years, but there are still members of his family he wouldn’t want to know about his lack of faith.

…um … Bill …

Last year he founded a publishing company, Freethought House, specifically to publish a collection of essays by Minnesota atheists. Money from sales of the book, called Atheist Voices of Minnesota, will benefit the group Minnesota Atheists.

“I’ve gotten a lot out of this community,” said Lehto, who got involved with local atheists through a group on networking website meetup.com. “This is kind of a way for me to do something for the community that uses my skills and knowledge. I don’t think there’s been anything done like this.”

And so on and so forth. Check it out.

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