Climate "Controversy" in American Classrooms

PBS has something coming out tonight about teaching climate change in American Classrooms.

From a press release I just got in the mail:

The PBS NEWSHOUR examines the struggle over teaching climate change Wednesday

The PBS NewsHour’s Hari Sreenivasan will report Wednesday (May 2) on how the controversy over climate change affects America’s classrooms. Part of a NewsHour series on the impacts of climate change, Sreenivasan’s piece takes a look at a political think tank creating climate change curriculum, examines recent state laws dictating what can be taught about global warming and profiles a Colorado science teacher who faced a student/parent rebellion in her classroom over the issue.

“They hear it on the news, they see it in the newspaper, and they hear their parents talking about it” science teacher Cheryl Manning explains in tonight’s segment. “There are people who say the climate may be changing but it’s not our fault, or the climate isn’t changing at all. This is a natural cycle; there are all sorts of things that the kids hear. They want clarification.”

There is more information here.

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One thought on “Climate "Controversy" in American Classrooms

  1. Yeah, the source of teaching the controversy is mostly from ulterior motives. The not so cranky skeptics, what is their point – that the forcing factor may not be so high as most scientists think?

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