Pay Attention to Chrishaun CeCe McDonald

CeCe is on trail for second degree murder but it might be that her major crime was being black and transgender.

If you are Minnesotan, you know about the Amy Sensor trial. She’s the privileged suburbanite wife of a famous athlete and sports bar owner who is on trial for running over a pedestrian while drinking and fleeing the scene of the crime. I admit, the Amy Sensor trial is newsworthy for a number of reasons, including the absurd antics of her husband, Joe, who has been communicating with jurors outside the courtroom and playing games with the press. But CeCe’s trial, concurrent and in the same County Court building, is probably just as relevant if not more, because it appears to be a case of self defense, or at least, murder during mayhem, the mayhem having been caused by a bunch of white dudes (one of whom is now dead) who hurled racial and anti-trans insults as CeCe and her companions, an altercation which escalated to a fight.

CeCe was seriously injured during the ensuing fight, and may have suffered long term damage. The white hetero dude got run through with a knife. The circumstances surround the event are unclear, but there is credible evidence to suggest that CeCe should not be tried for murder.

Minneapolis blogger Haddayr Copley-Woods has the story.

This story offers a window into the kind of violence transgender people face and what might happen to them if they try to fight back. It may also offer a look at complicated legal issues. Despite calls from all over the world, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman is sticking to his decision to charge her. Perhaps the facts are more complicated than they seem.

Many, possibly most (or at least nearly half) of transgender people suffer physical assault by haters who don’t like the fact that the are transgender. Black transgendner people have a significantly higher risk of suffering assault. To me, it is absolutely unfathomable as to why someone would feel the need to physically attack a person because they are transgender. What does that hatred come from?

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7 thoughts on “Pay Attention to Chrishaun CeCe McDonald

  1. What does that hatred come from?

    My guess: It comes from various places, personal and societal–but it gets directed at whomever is perceived as most Other, or easiest to pick on.

  2. So sometimes Self Defense is a Fundamental Right?
    Note that we are still listening to a social media fire storm about a man claiming he was defending himself.

  3. @Paul Except that he wasn’t defending himself at all, whereas Cece was. Cece’s attackers were the ones claiming self defense, you’d have an appropriate comparison.

  4. The point is not self defense. Even if CeCe struck first, it was an altercation that emerged from open and active hatred of transgender people, but the news has not touched it beyond the most basic mention.

  5. “@Paul Except that he wasn’t defending himself at all, whereas Cece was.”

    Oh, so a broken nose and bloodied head don’t count in the Social Media, just send the Lunch Mob?

    Self Defense is a Fundamental Right for Everyone!

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