3 thoughts on “If only Osama bin Laden held on a bit longer….

  1. Is that a real Obama campaign ad? If so, how depressing that they would stoop to such lows. Look, I dislike Mitt Romney and I think he’d make a crap President, but it’s ridiculous to suggest that if he had been he wouldn’t have gone after Bin Laden just as much as Obama did. Any President would have done that, they’d have been mad not to. I’m used to this kind of negative campaigning from Republicans, but I’m surprised and disappointed to see it from Democrats.

  2. A sense of proportion, Alasdair, please.

    Five percent negative about Romney using his own public statement and not much more, 95% positive about Obama.

    Yet you see it as a negative ad. Why?

  3. Alasdair the ad does not suggest that. The ad calls Romney out on the fact that he said we should stop looking for Osama. I have drenched the context of the ad in the gravy of irony, for exactly the reason you cite: Of course he, as president, would have gone after Osama, and if the Navy Seals or whomever killed Osama under Romney’s watch, Romney would put that forward as the best thing that happened this century.

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