9 thoughts on “This guy make a lot of sense

  1. When my kids were growing up, The Simpsons was a family event. We looked forward to it every week.

    Recently I saw an episode of Andy of Mayberry. I’d forgotten how utterly vacuous that show was.

    Oh, and Rachel Maddow (educated at Stanford and Oxford, and possessing heart as well as mind) is a worthy presence in a medium that once hosted Eric Sevareid.

  2. So basically old guy doesn’t like what’s on the box these days?

    Yep. Easy answer to that problem mate. Turn it off and read a book instead.

    Except that last line – WTF & how does he know?

    Oh & Rachel Maddow is brilliant! Wonder what he thinks is wrong with her. It’s not like she’s crass or crude or advocating murder.

  3. I haven’t read this book, but the title cracks me up:
    Just Say Don’t Know: Sexuality Education in Texas Public Schools (Austin: Texas Freedom Network Education Fund, ca. 2009), by David Wiley and Kelly Wilson, contrib. by Valentine Ryan (PDF with commentary at tfn.org)

  4. @ #3, Well it’s just that Rachel has the gall to sit there on her show and be all..lesbian….or something.
    Seriously, I think her mere existence gives them the vapors.
    She is honest about her sexuality without making it a focal point(thereby normalizing it—oh noes!!!)and it drives them nuts.
    Granted, hers is not a conservative voice so they would be scandalized anyway,but this provides more fuel for their fire if they way conservatives bring up her sexuality out of context is any indication.

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