Don McLeroy on The Colbert Report

Don McLeroy is the creationist formerly on the Texas School board who tried very hard to ruin science education both in Texas and across the United States. He is an ill informed, paranoid, mean spirited dick head. He thinks humans and dinosaurs walked the earth at the same time. I repeat. He was on the Texas School Board. He also hates atheists. He doesn’t have the qualification to breath the same air the rest of us do.

Colbert has an interesting conversation with him. Below the fold because it is a little wide.

Here is a trailer for the documentary mentioned.

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9 thoughts on “Don McLeroy on The Colbert Report

  1. for being so enlightened, atheists sure dehumanize someone to justify his extinction quickly (at least this is consistent with your “might makes right” worldview).

    And you were looking to add an e to breath.

  2. Mud to monkey to man theory is supposed to be believable to creationists?

    Reread your Genesis. Mud to man is what they believe already.

  3. @ driveby

    if he shouldn’t breathe “the same air”, should he be alive? and why?…because he doesn’t believe in the same religion you do. That’s a very tolerant, educated position.

    By the by, driveby, I don’t think you can criticize uneducated, ignorant folks when they rant nothing but expletives at you.

  4. New rule: If you haven’t posted here before, you need to choose a designation:
    1. Poe
    2. Bat-shit insane troll.
    3. Data’s bitch.
    Your cooperation will be appreciated.

    PS # 3. for me.

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