Watergate Plumber Dies

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One of the Watergate Plumbers has died. This was Charles W. Colson. He was 80. Colson was one of the main architects of the “dirty tricks” carried out by the Republican White House under Nixon. Considering that his main accomplishment was to ruin Democracy in America and cause a unprecedented level of distrust in the government by Americans (a distrust which continues to this day) he didn’t spend much time in prison. Also, he is famous for his Jailhouse Conversion, becoming an Evangelical Christian in order to distract people from considering his appalling behavior.

He received the Templeton Prize, worth about a million bucks, in 1993. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how it works around here, apparently.

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5 thoughts on “Watergate Plumber Dies

  1. Perhaps lift a beer in someone else’s memory, then salute Colson as you release the “refined” beer 30 minutes later.

  2. I remember a political cartoon at the time of watergate where chuck was carrying a sign past a window that Nixon was looking out of. The sign said, “Repent, for Lo I am about to lay it on the House Judiciary Committee.” It takes a deeply religious person to see a need, reach the wrong conclusions, and take a course of action that doesn’t really help. Prison missionary work is saying to prisoners that we will help with your loneliness if you convert to our religion. It doesn’t help the other prisoners at all.

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