5 thoughts on “Atheist Community Totally Screws It Up Again

  1. I made it to the 1:49 mark, so I don’t know if Jefferies redeems himself in any way, if that’s possible. I guess I’ve lost my sense of humour, or something.

  2. OK. I’m probably going to be accused of defending the indefensible, but here goes. First some context. I am a woman, 55 years old, and have been married to the same man for 32 years and have never strayed. I emigrated to Australia from England with my parents and siblings at age 14.

    Australians generally don’t suffer fools well and like to bring hypocracy out into the light for all to see. I think the end of the routine was the point he was trying to make. His routine was full of increasingly horrible statements and with each laugh from the audience, and laugh they did, he took them further and further into the mind of the mysoginist. Then, at the end, he said: “That wasn’t a very romantic joke was it?” Indeed it wasn’t. I was left thinking that the women in the audience were given an important lesson about how an extreme mysoginistic mind works, men were given a tool with which to assess their attitude toward women against, but most importantly, I think, the introduction of the word romance at the end revealed the whole routine for what it was and hopefully gave those who laughed during it pause to ask themselves why.

    In saying all that, had that been the only routine of his I had seen I would have probably been just as shocked as those who are expressing offense. I did, however, go to the GAC and heard his routine there before hearing this one and it is my analysis of that one which made me think what he might have been trying to do with this one.

    He spoke of a trip to Afghanistan to entertain the troops. He spoke of being picked up by helicopter in the middle of the dessert to be transported to the site. He spoke of how scared he was when the helicopter used smoke and aerial manouvres to avoid being shot at. He spoke of how the soldiers on board laughed at his fear when he revealed when he vomited all over himself. He spoke of his fear when someone on the ground started shooting at the helicopter and how he asked if it was possible for the shooter, who was using a handgun, to hit them. He described the explaination he was given for how the bullets would not reach as high as they were and would fall harmlessly to the ground before reaching their target. All through the tale the audience were laughing at his expressed fear and the the way the soldiers were laughing at him for it too. Then he told of how he said to the soldiers “He can’t harm us then” and how the soldier with the big gun at the open door of the helicopter said “He can’t now” as he shot off a round and killed the person shooting harmless bullets at them. Many in the audience thought that was funny too. I was left shocked more at the audience laughing at this tale, especially the ending. For those of us who often view humanity through rose coloured glasses this mirror that he held up to show how ugly we can be was illuminating.

    Of course my take on his intent in the telling of these routines could be that my own rose coloured glasses are simply providing a defence for someone who may very well be a sociopath. I hope not, but I think I’ll leave the jury to deliberate a while longer before deciding if I should convict.

  3. I’m surprised you people could even stay seated long enough to watch his set with those huge sticks up your asses.

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